Read on to learn the KETTLEBELLE SECRETS of FAST and SMART training to finally sculpt your dream body…

…and find out why your current training routine is probably wasting your precious time WHILE MAKING YOU FATTER!!!

But Be Warned:

If you’re looking for a QUICK FIX, MAGIC BULLET or a MIRACLE PILL… You Won’t Find It Here…

So, if you’re still reading, you KNOW you need to TAKE ACTION!  Here is the answer for FAST, EFFECTIVE FAT LOSS FOR WOMEN (and men, but let this be our little secret, hey?!)

You may already be a seasoned KettleBelle, looking to boost your workouts and learn new exercises and routines…

Or you may be a complete beginner, struggling to lose fat and feel good about yourself.

Either way, KettleBelleBody is designed JUST FOR YOU!

I have made this programme completely easy to use for all levels, with some extreme variations for the hard-core chicks among you (you’ll love what I’ve got in store for you!), as well as modifications for all the newbies out there wanting to join this elite club of KettleBelles!

Are you looking for someone to guide you through the maze of information and give you the hard-hitting advice you need?

Are you looking for a simple to use programme that gets results in minimum time, so you can fit it around your busy lifestyle?

Are you looking for a programme that is planned for you, telling you what you need to do and when, with minimum effort required on your part?

Do you also want the flexibility to customise your workouts sometimes?

Do you want great results?

Do you want to actually enjoy your workouts, keeping them varied and interesting?

Do you want the flexibility to work around a busy schedule, without compromising results?

Do you want the freedom to fit your workouts around your life?

Do you want simple but practical and effective nutrition advice?

Do you want someone (a ‘real’ person) you can contact any time with questions about your programme?

And… are you ready to take action?!

Well, if the answer to any of these is ‘YES’ then KettleBelleBody is your answer!

All this and more!

Most people are not achieving their goals because they are forever searching for the next ‘big thing’ or the latest fad or gimmick.

The crazy thing is, I used to think Kettlebells were a gimmick!

How wrong I was – there’s a reason they have lasted throughout the ages and sculpted the leanest and most desirable physiques in history – they actually work!

Of course you need to know what to do with them, and that is where I come in!

I know you’ve been made promises before, but while any system will work, it will only work if you put it into practice!

I’ve had programmes that sound great, but are just too complicated to actually do.

I’ve had programmes that are so boring I’ve wanted to fall asleep during workouts!

I’ve seen programmes that promise the world, but give you a swamp – programmes that say that you’ll look like a hot model at the end of it, but that only work if you’re a hot model to start with!

I’ve made this programme super easy to follow so you will follow it, no excuses…


This programme is designed to be as user friendly as possible, so you can truly mould it around your life and your needs. I wanted to bring you all the benefits my own clients get of having a Personal Trainer, without the hefty price tag, of course!

If you only have four 20 minute slots one week, but time for 3 hour long sessions the next, we can fit that in no problem, without compromising your results.

This is why this programme is perfect for today’s busy, successful woman!

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Caroline Radway and I help my clients to achieve the bodies of their dreams!

I understand my clients’ problems and fears as I HAVE BEEN THERE TOO!

I was a ‘fat student’, in fact I spent most of my 20’s being ‘fit and fat’!

I exercised like you wouldn’t believe (although you could well be in the same boat, exercising like there’s no tomorrow but getting fatter and fatter…)

I researched and trained to be a trainer so I could finally find the answers I wasn’t getting from the so-called ‘experts’.

The media were lying to me, and luckily now I know the truth.

I share it with my one-to-one clients…

And now I can share it with you!

My KettlebelleBody Program was born out of my desire to share my hours of research and training experience with a larger audience than just the selected clients I can fit in on a one-to-one basis.

Why should only those lucky enough to afford personal training, or live near me, reap the rewards?

Kettlebells will re-shape your body in a very short amount of time, whilst skyrocketing your fitness levels, whoever you are!


Umm, well, just a lump of cast iron with a handle on!  Simple but effective!

kettlebell, what is a kettlebell


The simple design has sculpted bodies for centuries – the unique way you hold a kettlebell compared to a dumbbell means you challenge your core and stabilising muscles a lot more – so you get strong from the inside out.  You will become truly strong and balanced, not bulky.

The ‘classic’ kettlebell exercises are dynamic and have a ‘cardio’ effect – you will never need to use another piece of cardio equipment again!

Any dumbbell exercise you can do with a kettlebell – some exercises that feel awkward with a dumbbell feel much more comfortable with a kettlebell (so you can perform them more effectively) and others are more challenging with a kettlebell (so you get much better results).

There are so many exercises and methods of training available that you can never ever get bored!

You can exercise at home – you only need one kettlebell to get started and although you will probably want a collection you can adapt exercises to make them harder without having to increase the size of the kettlebell.

You no longer have to pay gym membership or wait in the gym for equipment to be available.

The dynamic kettlebell exercises are perfect for tightening your behind! They emphasise all the neglected muscles of the back of your body, shaping things up that you thought were beyond repair!  Even cellulite will be reduced.

Kettlebell Training has a lot of parallels to yoga – obviously with an added strength element.

You get flexibility, balance and co-ordination as well as a hot body!



“I’ve quickly become a huge fan of Caroline Radway’s KettleBelleBody. I bought it and reviewed it a few weeks ago.

In spite of the pink and blue color scheme [CR COMMENT:  the old website was pinker than this one!!!], it is NOT a fluffy program. Her workouts are pure evil genius and would flatten most guys. They’re HARD but they’re totally modifiable for beginners.

The more of them I do, the more I fall in love. Kettlebells, body weight training, and yoga are a simple and beautiful combination. I’m not missing barbells, treadmills and clanky weight machines AT ALL, and I’m not going back to the gym. You can’t make me!

If there’s anything “girly” about this workout it’s that Caroline Radway understands the challenges women face when juggling schedules, energy levels and family obligations.

If you only have time for a 10 minute routine in the morning, she gives you 10 minute routines. If you’re totally wiped out and can only manage some light stretching, she gives you a yoga flow. If you miss a workout, you pick up right where you left off whenever you’re ready. No worries about make-goods or doubling up workouts.

Trainers always tell you to “make fitness a lifestyle” but they rarely tell you HOW. So, you suffer through a rigid workout schedule for a few weeks and then give up when you can’t do it as prescribed.

Caroline Radway understands that people are busy, moods are variable, and things don’t always go as planned. She keeps it fun and gives you plenty of options, that way you can make your fitness routine work for you instead of against you.”

Renee, AKA Skwigg, 41 (yes, really), USA


“I’ve gone goofy stupid over kettlebells. Oh, how I love them! Let me count the ways:1) Nearly every exercise is a total body strength move. Want to pick a heavy kettlebell up off the floor and press it over your head? Well, let’s see, you need your quads, your hamstrings, your glutes, your abs, your biceps, your chest, your shoulder, your back, and your triceps. Oh, and your fingers, forearms, feet, and eyebrows are working too. 2) Nearly every exercise is a heart-pounding cardio move. Try swinging a big hunk of iron through the air and using every muscle in your body to control it. It pegs your heart rate and burns a ton of calories.

3) It’s current. The fitness trends now are about total body training instead of body part splits, big compound movements instead of isolation exercises, standing free weight and body weight training instead of seated machines, high-intensity interval training instead of slow boring cardio, functional power and flexibility instead of isolated part sculpting, time efficiency instead of 90 minute “arm” days. Kettlebell training delivers on all counts.

4) It’s old school. It doesn’t get more old school than Russian strong men, or more simple than using one weight as your entire gym. If you have a body and you have a kettlebell, you’re set. You can do an almost endless array of pushing, pulling, pressing, squatting, lunging, twisting movements.

5) It’s time efficient. Because you’re training strength, balance, flexibility, and cardio at once, kettlebell training doesn’t take all day. You can get a complete and killer workout in a 10-minute blast.

6) It’s fun. It’s addictive. It’s like nothing else. Even though it’s possible to do very brief kettlebell routines, you won’t. You’ll be grinning like an idiot and swinging that thing all over the place. To stop you, someone may need to knock you out and pry it from your hands.”


The package consists of a selection of workouts (30 of them!), all with a different focus.  There are also 37 different programme options to choose from, each of which tells you what to do and when to do it.

Each workout offers different levels so you can choose harder exercises or manipulate the sets and reps to make the workout more advanced – there is no specific beginner / intermediate / advanced separation as we are all unique, with our own areas of strength and areas we need to work on.

The Programme is super easy to follow…

I provide you with one full Workout Card for every single workout there is in the programme as well as an Exercise Manual with really clear instructions on how to do every single exercise (as well as a separate manual taking you through a warm up and cool down, and even a Yoga Flow sequence!).

I have spent weeks perfecting the manuals to make them as user friendly as possible.  The pictures are clear and labelled to match the descriptions, so you can easily see and understand exactly what you need to do.

There are several (37…) Workout Schedule sheets.
Each Schedule or Programme lasts 5 to 6 weeks and tells you which workouts you will be doing each week. There are options for 2, 3 and 4 times a week so you can choose the Schedule you have time for.

You can choose the days you do the workouts on, and if you have to miss a workout you can just pick up where you left off.

There are also several Bonus Blaster Workouts – lasting 10 and 20 minutes. If you don’t have time for a full session you can do one of these, or you can sneak them in if you want an extra workout during the week.

Each Schedule or Programme has a different focus.
Once you finish a 5 – 6 week Programme you can either repeat that same Programme, increasing the intensity by using the harder exercise variations, more sets, less rest or a heavier kettlebell, or you can choose one of the others – making sure you get constant variety and keep the interest levels up!

This also means you are getting more workouts than you can possibly ever need! Just performing every Programme once through will take over a year!  But with constant variety and challenge to keep you interested, and getting results!

Once you have chosen a Schedule you print the relevant Workout Cards up.  I suggest printing a new page for every time you perform an actual workout – because then you can record your sets, reps and weight on the sheet, which is great to look back on when you are fitter and stronger.

The benefit of having a page per workout is that you can use the sheet as a journal - there is space for your comments at the bottom of the page – this can be your feelings, a log of the food you have eaten that day etc.  It’s up to you…

In addition to providing programmes consisting of the most effective workouts, a trainer’s role is to motivate, inspire, educate and provide the tools that will allow the client to achieve their goals.

But that is where some trainers and programmes fall short – it is VITAL to make sure that these goals are maintained, and that is only possible if the changes made are enjoyable and become part of a new way of living – the only fat loss secret there is:  ENJOYING the process!

If you enjoy what you are doing you will create new habits and these new habits mean you will keep doing what you are doing and that really is the key: CONSISTENCY.

Whatever you are doing you need to do it on a regular and ongoing basis to get results that you can keep for ever! And you need to keep doing it to stay there, or go even further toward goals you might not even be able to imagine right now.

You can join my network, Mission Slim Possible, if you want even more encouragement and social support with your workouts and nutrition.

I want you to get the results you dream of but what I want even more than that is for you to enjoy the process!

Kettlebells are a vital tool and their discovery has meant my clients are getting faster results, more varied and enjoyable workouts and are getting better results –
those trouble spots are shaping up like you wouldn’t believe!

Now you can target those trouble spots too!


I am totally amazed at the after pictures. Yesterday a few people came up to me at the gym and commented on how small I am looking. The thing is I could not see it in myself until I looked at the pictures. i am still having trouble believing it is me!





I have been working out with the Kettlebells at home and I do not have a mirror so I had no idea that I have ‘muscles’ !!! When I go into the gym I have only been doing intervals or a Crossfit themed workout so again no mirrors. I think that my brain still sees me as I was at the beginning of this year. So what did I do? I followed Carolines workouts exactly, I did Kettlebells 4 times a week and then I ran my intervals 2 times a week, one day on the weekend was hard exercise free.Now I also walk my dogs twice a day and also walk my children to school, so I do get some extra steps in. However I do not add th is as exercise into a journal as it is something that I have to do no matter what day, but I thought that I should add this on here now as it is extra compared to someone without kids or dogs :0) Caroline’s workouts are amazing, you get such a workout, I still have a love hate relationship with TGUs. I have been able to really target my worst area, I am sure this is because the KBs are unstable so you are firing your core all the time.

These workouts are not just for girls !!!

Caroline has so many different programme cards and at the end of this week I will have completed the first one, there are many different exercises that I have not even attempted yet. I followed the warm up and cool down, I loved the cool down part as I find stretching relaxing, I also learnt some new stretches!

I believe that I had a light bulb go on in my head over the last month, I have followed othe
r programmes before and I know that I did not give 100%, this time I did and it shows you what you can do when you are committed to it.Even if I didnt feel like working out I told myself it was only 30 days and I can do it.

I never thought that I would change my body this much. Stats:

Bicep 10 1/2 10 3/4″ increase 1/4″
Chest 36 1/4 35 decrease 1 1/4″

Waist (smallest part) 27 1/2 26.5″ decrease 1″

Waist Navel 31 29″ decrease 2″

Hips 37″
36 1/2 ” decrease 1/2″
Thigh 22 1/2 21 1/2″ decrease 1″

Total inches down 6″Weight at the start was 136lbs, my weight today is 132 lbs


If you don’t already own one, you can get them all over the place these days, but it is worth investing a little more in getting a quality one – as you are sure to love it and cherish it!





But don’t worry if you haven’t got a kettlebell yet – you can start STRAIGHT AWAY with one of the 5 bodyweight programmes!

The KettleBelleBody Programme is designed for women, of all fitness levels and experience, based on my personal experience training people just like you on a one-to-one basis every day.

Are you any one of these women?

A seasoned ‘gym-goer’ frustrated with long bouts of cardio to burn calories, who doesn’t seem to be actually burning fat?

A knowledgeable fitness enthusiast who has been doing resistance training and / or interval training but has hit a bit of a plateau or just wants more ‘spice’ and variety in your workouts.

Someone who is fed up of sweaty gyms and fighting for space and equipment and fed up spending more time getting to the gym than you actually spend exercising?

A woman who wants to feel strong and powerful without feeling big and bulky, but realising that what you are being told about how to achieve that (pilates and running perhaps) is just not doing the trick…

A beginner to fitness, looking for a way to shape up and improve your diet?

A kettlebell fanatic (if you’re not already you soon will be!) who wants some new and unique training ideas and programmes, but wants ones that a woman has written for other women (and who does them herself, losing 20lb in the process!)?

Someone who is thinking about buying some kettlebells but wants to find out more first

Someone who’s boyfriend / husband / partner has bought kettlebells and you want to try them out – but you’re not convinced that what he’s showing you is quite
what you should be doing!

If the answer is ‘YES’ to any of these, then the KettleBelleBody Programme is definitely for you!


‘I had not long ago turned 40, i wanted to get back the figure i had in my 20`s!!! I suppose having twins has altered my shape but i always used this as an excuse to not do anything about it. In just one month i have done more positive than i have in the last 8 years!!

I have totally stuck to the KB programme, doing either 3 or 4 workouts a week… I have mixed up the workouts so i got to sample alot of the exercises and have to say i totally love the whole thing!!! Food wise i followed my own plan and cut out coffee, tea and alcohol completely (give or take the odd slip up!!). My eating is so much healthier now and i dont plan on letting it slip back…

I went and tried on a pair of skinny black jeans size UK 10 today just for the hell of it ….and they fitted!!!’

Nikki Caputa, 40, Freelance Hairdresser, Fareham, England.


Nikki before


Nikki afterNikki after

Waist: 3 1/4″ loss!
Hips:  1 1/2″ loss!
Thigh: 1 1/2 ” loss!

Sarah Shed 12 Inches and 20 lb Baby Weight – It Just Kept Dropping Off While Only Training 2h a Week!

“Since having my daughter (who is now 3) I had not regained my pre-pregancy level of fitness. I use to do a lot of yoga, some running and other activities but had not got back into exercising since giving birth.  Back in January 2008 I was feeling bloated, unfit and uncomfortable in all my clothes.  My weight was increasing and my energy levels were low.  I wanted to get fit & toned & get exercise back into my life on a regular basis – not easy with a full time job & a toddler! I can safely say it is ‘Mission Accomplished’. I am well over a stone lighter & I am now able to get into clothes I haven’t worn for nearly 4 years!  I have more energy and feel better in general.

I am spending less than 2.5 hrs a week on exercise, as the exercise I am doing is getting results.
In addition, exercise is part of my life again, and part of the family’s routine”

Sarah Hart, 40, Head of HR and Mother of Eden (pictured), England.

‘I told myself I wasn’t going to get another ebook:

I usually focus better with a DVD instructor over workouts on paper.  (CAROLINE’S NOTE: KETTLEBELLEBODY IS NOT A DVD!!! BUT THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT BETTER AS YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU DO!)

Now I’m VERY glad I did’

Kat B, Alexandria, VA


It is an integrated holistic system to get you in shape.

I am also a Yoga Teacher, and Yoga is a central part of my training and lifestyle.  So I have given you a full Yoga Sun Salutation manual so that you can start reaping the rewards yourself!

You can use this as part of the warm up or cool down, or as a standalone sequence, first thing in the morning to give you a boost for the day, or in fact any time you like!  You are given a Yoga Flow Card that takes you through other stretches you can do with the sun salutation sequence to make it into a full practice.

As well as including a Yoga option, I have covered a lot more that just the exercise and movement side of things in this Programme.

There is a whole section on Mindset and Motivation - this is applicable to KettleBelles of all levels – whether your goals are fat loss, getting super fit, or both (or more!).  Goal setting and getting your head in the right place for success is crucial - and a massive part of what I offer my one-to-one clients that means they are guaranteed success.


One of the most important parts of a training programme is of course nutrition.

This applies for fat loss as well as improved performance.  But I DO NOT RECOMMEND DIETING!

The word ‘DIET’ is doomed to failure before you even start – it starts with the word ‘DIE’ for one!  The idea of a temporary eating strategy that will get you to your goals means you may get there (still that comes with its own set of complications) but you will certainly not maintain your results if you go back to your old habits.

Instead, you want to gradually work new and improved habits into your life, that you absolutely enjoy and actually want to keep up with for life!

Filling your body with delicious, nutritious, satisfying foods is no hardship.

I will give you guidelines to follow as well as how best to structure and time your meals.

I will give you simple preparation tips and ideas for healthy versions of your favourites (if you are a regular reader of my blog and emails you will have seen several of these already, and hopefully tried some!  Blueberry pancakes, anyone?!)

I have all the secrets to eating healthily while feeling positively indulgent!

I give you the tools you will need – and if you ever have any further questions or want specific ideas you have my personal email address so can just get in touch – I’d love it if you did get in touch as the questions you have will probably reflect other people’s questions so I can put answers up on my blog, or update the book!

This means your new way of eating is all your own and much more likely to be sustained in the long term.

What exactly do I get in the KettleBelleBody Programme Package*?

* Please note this is a DIGITAL PRODUCT, you will not be sent the manual via snail mail, you will get IMMEDIATE access!  You then just need to print the relevant sheets and this means you can print them again and again and make notes of your progress on the printouts too…

1. Warm Up and Cool Down Manual
2. Full Exercise Manual – Over 100 Exercises!
3. Yoga Sun Salutation Manual
4. KettleBelleBody Programme – The Solution:

Mindset and Motivation – Setting the Scene for Success
Lifestyle Assessment and Review
Introduction to Kettlebells
Where to buy Kettlebells and What to Look For

KettleBelleBody – Introduction to The Workouts
5. Workout Cards:
Bodyweight Programme 1 – 5
KettleBelleBody Cardio Focus 1 – 5
KettleBelleBody Strength Focus 1 – 5
KettleBelle Body Balance, Stability and Core Focus 1 – 5
10 Minute Blasters 1 – 5
20 Minute Blasters 1 – 5
Yoga Flow Programme

6. Pre-Made Programme Schedules:
Multi Focus: 2, 3, 4 times per week, 5 options each
Single Focus: 2, 3, 4 times per week, 6 options each
Blank Programme Schedule – create your own programme!

7. Nutrition Guide:
So what can I eat?
Meals and Timings
How Should I Prepare my Meals?
How to Plan Your Meals and Prepare in Advance

PLUS Additional Resources:
Private KettleBellBody Group Membership
Motivational Audio for you to Download
My Personal Email Address for Your Questions!

PLUS Additional Bonuses!!!

Brad Pilon’s Ten Day Diet Solution.

Discover how to end ‘OCE’ or ‘obsessive compulsive eating’
by learning to eat more intuitively.  Brad takes you through a
10 day programme of re-educating your mindset and
behaviour (plus a 2 day bonus), resulting in you choosing
lifestyle adjustments that allow you to make changes that
work for you, as an individual.

Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) Manual
SMR sounds a bit technical, but it’s how you can get a full
body massage every day, using only a piece of foam!

Mike Robertson’s detailed manual explains all you need to
know to reap the benefits: long and lean muscles that allow
your body to work to its optimal level.


A The Little Black Dress Workout

A bonus workout for you, if you ever feel the need to train
without your beloved kettlebells!

Great for trips away where you have access to a gym, but
not kettlebells.

The Bodyweight Workout

A great complement to your kettlebell workouts, for those
moments when you can’t access your kettlebells, maybe
they haven’t arrived yet, or you’re travelling with limited
baggage allowance!

The ‘Athletic Body System’ Midsection Makeover

A really interesting and detailed look into common mistakes
us women make when it comes to fat loss, as well as an
in-depth look at the anatomy of the midsection and some
bonus ab moves, if you want even more variety in your

Storm Force Fitness Flexibility Manual
A fantastic resource from Jon Le Tocq at Storm Force

Turbulence Training for Abs.

Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training and Men’s Health
fame, with crunch free exercises and hard hitting advice!

Thirteen and a half minute meals!

A recipe book choc-full of delicious, nutritious recipes,
all of which can be prepared in UNDER 13 minutes and
30 seconds!  Another ‘no-excuses’ resource!

25 Keys to Unlock Your Strength

Find out how to become the ultimate you!  Motivational and

Dax Moy’s Famous Elimination Diet.

Find out his secret tactics to detoxify the body and get your
system working optimally, allowing you to shed excess fat
and become super healthy from the inside.

This is not specfically a fat loss diet per-se, so can be used
by anyone with a goal to get healthy.  There are
modifcations to make it a fat loss diet though!

You Will Learn All This And More:

* How to burn off that fat – and keep it off for good!
* Mental tricks and techniques to ensure you have endless motivation!
* The reasons why long, slow cardio is not the answer for fat loss…
* The reasons why short, intense workouts can increase your fat burning for the rest of the day!
* How rest and recovery will actually ACCELERATE your results!
* How to perform the fundamental Yoga Sun Salutations to destress and feel great any time
* How to make the most of Shavasana – the yoga relaxation and rejuvenation secret
* How to enjoy every workout you ever have
* How to finally ditch your wasted gym membership and workout anytime, any place
* How to finally lose the diet mentality and learn to love food again, eating supportively and in a way you can sustain for a lifetime
* The best foods to eat for fat loss, as well as for skyrocketing energy and general wellbeing
* How to prepare foods simply and deliciously
* How to get the most out of your grocery shopping to maximise fat loss
* How to finally get that lean, lovely physique you have dreamed of
* How to transform your thinking so that you are laser focussed on your goals – the details and so called ‘obstacles’ become easy to overcome when you practice this technique

And much, much more…



1. Warm Up and Cool Down Manual   VALUE $49.99
2. Full Exercise Manual – Over 100 Exercises!  VALUE $149.99
3. Yoga Sun Salutation Manual  VALUE $49.99
4. KettleBelleBody Programme – The Solution:  VALUE $149.99
Mindset and Motivation – Setting the Scene for Success
Lifestyle Assessment and Review
Introduction to Kettlebells
Where to buy Kettlebells and What to Look For
KettleBelleBody – Introduction to The Workouts
5. Workout Cards:   A YEAR + VALUE $249.99
Bodyweight Programme 1 – 5
KettleBelleBody Cardio Focus 1 – 5
KettleBelleBody Strength Focus 1 – 5
KettleBelle Body Balance, Stability and Core Focus 1 – 5
10 Minute Blasters 1 – 5
20 Minute Blasters 1 – 5
Yoga Flow Programme
6. Pre-Made Programme Schedules:
A YEAR + VALUE $249.99
Multi Focus: 2, 3, 4 times per week, 5 options each
Single Focus: 2, 3, 4 times per week, 6 options each
Blank Programme Schedule – create your own programme!
7. Nutrition Guide:  VALUE $129.99
So what can I eat?
Meals and Timings
How Should I Prepare my Meals?
How to Plan Your Meals and Prepare in Advance
Additional Resources:  VALUE $PRICELESS!!

Motivational Audio for you to Download
Updates to the programme FOR LIFE!
My Personal Email Address for Your Questions!

All your great extra bonuses!

This programme is worth over $979.93, not including the value & support of having me available at the end of the email , or the superb selection of extra bonuses.

And you can get it, if you order now, for an investment of a only $27.97!

…So what are you waiting for?!

P.S. Don’t forget that you get a 100% cast iron (as solid as the kettlebell itself, in fact!) guarantee. You simply email me, explaining why the product did not meet your expectations, and you get a full, no questions refund. PLEASE DO NOTE THAT THIS IS A VIRTUAL PRODUCT YOU WILL BE EMAILED THE DOCUMENTS, NOT A DVD OR ACTUAL HARD COPY MANUAL!

P.P.S. Don’t forget this offer is not hanging around long, don’t miss out!

P.P.S. This programme will give you exactly what you need to burn fat and start feeling great, by working out fast and smart in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else you fancy!).



You can buy it now at this low price, but I am soon going to be adding loads of new material and bonuses – as an existing customer you will of course automatically get all the new stuff, so you will ultimately get EVEN MORE than all the great stuff I have in this package

So don’t delay!

When I add more to the package you will no longer be able to make the most of this special offer so make sure you get in there quickly, or risk missing out on this special deal…